Opting for a Bonus

The question always is, should I opt in for this bonus? Even as an established player it can be a difficult choice. The casino bonuses are normally a lot larger, the problem is you have to wager the amount they give you quite a few times before you can cash out. So an example is I opted in for 500.00 match bonus and hit a nice jackpot right away.
Major Millions Jackpot Game
Play jackpot games like this one with bonus money, with the simple spin on the machine you could become a millionaire. It only cost 3.00 per bet which is a fairly modest wager to have such enormous payout amount.

The first thing you would want to do is cash out but you can’t until you play through the money they gave to you. This took hours with balance dropping all the way. Panic starts to set in that you might end up losing it all before you can cash out. Well, that didn’t happen and the opposite is what actually happened. Instead of winning 25k it was over 100k. At a point it had went down to about 7k before it started climbing up. Whew was all I thought, at least I had my original win amount and all the rest was extra on top. I wont say that happens all the time but I have seen it many times over. Some players just hit and hit on a winning streak while others cash out as soon as possible, which they still win but not always what they could have. If I had not taken the bonus I might not have hit anything decent or I might have hit and cashed out right away. As it ended up I was better off, so it is a pure judgement call.